Things to know about Dry Shipment

June 06 2021

Whether you are working in the logistics industry or just learning about it, you will be familiar with the word Dry Shipment. Well, it is for a good course. Dry Shipments is one of the most popular and widely used freight transportation in every industry. It has remained a preferred means of transportation due to its high availability and numerous benefits of having an enclosed trailer throughout the shipping process. Read on as Deol Freight Lines explains things to know about dry shipments.

What are dry shipments?
It is the transportation of freights inside an enclosed, non-temperature-controlled truck design to keep it safe from elements such as weather conditions, road debris, accidents, and many more. Trucking companies use these versatile shipments to accommodate different products since they offer a high level of security and privacy.

Dry Shipment is an integral part of almost every other industry. Companies that offer this service maintain their fleet in peak running condition and train their drivers on proper handling procedures. This attention to detail and high level of expectation assures shippers that their freight will always be in excellent condition and on time, every time.

Benefits of Dry Shipment

FTL and LTL Capability
One of the benefits of using dry shipments is its availability to ship full and partial loads, which means a large cargo can be stacked inside and delivered in one trip. The Less than Truck Load enjoys the same benefits as Full Truck Load. These include on-time deliveries, safe handling of products, and many more. However, LTL significantly increases savings since transportation costs are split between all shippers sharing the trailer truck.

Industrial Versatility
Dry shipments are just about anything you can imagine. It is rare to find any industry that does not use dry freight trucking to one extent or another. Their usage is common in industries where products and materials need freighting from their manufacturing site to warehouses. These include the food and beverage industry (excluding non-perishable and non-refrigerated products), construction companies, electronics industry, and other industries.

The truth is, without these transportation workhorses, it will be difficult to transport goods from point A to B. You are good to go as long as your goods are not bulk liquids and minerals, sensitive to temperature, and fit inside the unit.

Affordable Price
Dry shipments are one of the most common types of truck trailers used by logistics companies. These make it highly competitive. Therefore, they are constantly trying to edge one another by offering a better price which is beneficial for your budget. They do not also require special operations, making them one of the most affordable shipping options in the industry.

Freight Protection
One of the advantages of using a dry shipment is the protection it provides. The trailer is enclosed, shielding the freight from bad weather conditions such as high winds, rain, or direct heat. The trailer’s closed and protective solid structure also makes it hard to be breached by anyone.

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