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Less-than-truckload uses for the transportation of small freight that does not require an entire truck. Best for shipping freight between 150-10,000 lbs. Full Truckload is for large shipments that take a full truck or close. Use for shipment over 10,000Lbs.

Deol Freight Lines delivers superior less-than-truckload (LTL) performance, comprehensive coverage, and service excellence. We provide exceptional better on-time service performance and faster transit times than our competition. No matter where your customers are, we can get your freight there quickly, reliably, and at an affordable cost. We work hard to satisfy our customers. Our cutting-edge technology is from an understanding of the challenges of managing freights and is focused on providing the best solution.

At Deol Freight Lines, we can handle all your FTL shipment needs. We understand how important it is for your freight to arrive at their destination timely and safely. Therefore, your freights are protected and monitored every second while in transit. Using our FTL shipment means you can track the exact location of your freight anytime. Thanks to our innovative technologies, you can know when your freights will reach their destination no matter the state. We deliver the best-in-class service through our team of professionals that operate around the clock.

Count on us to expertly solve your unexpected challenges and make your freight transportation process smooth and hassle-free. Our logistics team takes care of all the logistics processes, and we have the best-skilled driver in the industry. Elevate your LTL & FTL freight shipping with our logistics experts, on-demand capacity, and 24/7 tracing access. Whether you are looking to ship large freights, or a small amount of freight, the most important thing is to get the freights where it needs to go promptly.

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